Traveling Around the Globe

Posted on 19th Apr 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Travel Movies - by Oli

You know the feeling when you want to travel so much but you can’t because of your work,

money, etc. To be honest, I have that feeling very often! In that case, I have a list of my favorite

travel movies. Some hot tea or, even better, glass of wine, good movie and it’s like I am almost

there. I could watch these movies over and over again and never get bored. With these movies

you can see the world. So, these ones are my top 10 travel movies! Which one is your favorite?

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Posted on 16th Apr 2018

Paris - Must see by me

Places you should not miss… if you ask me! Nice galleries, hidden museums or cozy bookshops… I loooove these places because there you can feel real Parisian spirit!

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Posted on 19th Apr 2018

My Top 5 Favorite Parks - by Oli


My favorite park in the world! Central Park is by all standards the most famous and beautiful park in the world. It is also one of the largest. Located in the heart of NYC, it presents a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the Fifth Avenue, for over 50 blocks. The park is so big that no matter how far you go, you will get the impression that you have not quite seen everything. And you are probably right, because, besides its sheer size, it is also very comprehensive. At one end of the park, there is a large lake named after the most popular first lady ever: Jackie O. It is a perfect place for walking and jogging.

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Posted on 20th Feb 2018

Paris - Must see

Paris ... is always a good idea ... If you want to visit a city that is a mixture of chic and bohemian life, romance and fashion, love and hedonism ... then Paris is the right place for you! The city you will fall in love with at first sight, where you will experience new tastes and flavors, create new memories and wish to return as soon as possible. Audrey Hepburn didn't say without a reason that Paris is always a good idea.

The city from where Napoleon set off to conquer the world is divided into districts known as arrondissements. Each having its unique charm and history.

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Posted on 14th Feb 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! - Top 10 Cities for Valentines

"In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with” – Charles Schulz

St Valentines is coming! Perfect day for a perfect trip... There is no better way to celebrate your love with a glass of champagne looking at The Eiffel Tower, enjoying gondola ride in Venice or getting married in a small chapel in Las Vegas... Romantic or fun, these are the places you should visit with someone special and make a memory of your life! You do not need big suitcase, just bring a smile because... love is all you need!

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Posted on 11th Feb 2018

Backpack Tips - My guide for smart packing

Every time I prepare for a new trip and start packing, it feels great! Some people do not like packing. It can be overwhelming and stressful: what if I forget something really important? But I am a complete fan of it. The moment I open my suitcase it's just a reminder that  a new journey is starting.

Of course, you can't plan for everything! But it sure helps if you start preparing things well in advance.

A few years ago I started making my own “packing list” a few weeks before the trip. Now, it's just a matter of tweaking it slightly to suite the trip destination and durations.

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