Dirty Girl Book Reviews

Posted on 19th Feb 2018

Midnight Blue - L.J. Shen

Every once in a while there is that one book that gives you more than you sign up for, probably a headache, crying fit, cloudy thoughts for days and generally, much more than you expected. It’s really not explainable how you got hooked on it, because only thing you wanted at time was a light Saturday afternoon read. Never mind kids going nuts around you and your husband yelling for help, you just can’t put it down. Loved symbolism behind a title and beautifully constructed pace. This characters were so real I could have carved them in marble. Smart analogies, metaphors, symbolism all made sure that you felt like a part of their world, like nameless, faceless third party, alway

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Posted on 11th Feb 2018

The Baby Maker - Lili Valente

In her new book The Baby Maker, Lili tells us about Emma’s struggles after she’s got dumped by her ex after months of trying to get pregnant. The same ex that knock upped his mistress a month before. So the high paid-tech-workaholic Emma do what any self-respected women would do. Quitting her job, selling all her properties and moving to the wine producing farm. So life is great, business is growing but still, there is this small part of her that still yearns for a little bundle of joy. And with time this part gets so big so naturally Emma comes to a decision. Find a donor.

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