It's the iconic beach that never sleeps.  Home of the famous basketball courts from white man can't jump, muscle beach gym and its iconic skateboard park. Venice beach is one of a handful of locations that define LA. 

Here everything is alive and 24/. Surfers, skaters, swimmers, and joggers can be seen in the beach, sand, and pavement and the never-ending crowd fillsthe gaps: partying, shopping and in general having fun. This is all happening over a canvas of Graffiti and murals -- making Venice beach the perfect background for your personal postcard. 


Venice Beach was my introduction to LA. One of the most popular beaches in California and maybe even the world was an amazing first impression! The incredibly long and wide crystal sandy beach (beaches in California are always sandy) is the place where you will see so many different people that you will not see anywhere else! Local artists who sell their unique masterpieces and homeless people are some of the reasons why this beach is alive every second. While not for everyone, if you like a mix of bohemian freedom and spring break party energy -- Venice beach might just be what you are looking for. 

There are not so many hotels on the promenade but there are a lot of souvenir and T-shirt shops, typical beach shops and so-called doctor’s office where you can get “medicine” such as marijuana. What is interesting is the fact that there were not so many bars or restaurants on the beach so it was not easy to find a place to have a drink or snack.

It would not be California if there are not so many surfers everywhere so the surfboard is the most popular souvenir from Venice Beach… of course, in a smaller size such as key marker or a magnet! Besides this, here you can find so many interesting souvenirs including T- shirts, bags, hats and all with the Venice Beach sign/caption.

Venice Beach is very famous for its murals! They are everywhere and they are very unique and cool. My favorite is the mural of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian Inventor and it is just next to the beach. If you are interested in listening and exploring Venice murals, check this website:

This is probably the biggest and the widest beach I have ever seen! The ocean is not always for swimming because of high waves and coldness! There are so many lifeguard houses and that gave me the feeling that I am indeed in California. In the morning, here you can find many people jogging and I believe it is amazing to jog on this beautiful beach while the sun is rising. What was interesting for me was the fact that here the “beach culture” is completely different from Europe. Here you cannot rent beach sunbeds or umbrellas, so everything is on you!

This beach is also known by the famous Skate Park and open gym named Muscle Beach where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to practice when he came to the USA. Today, it is the main spot for bodybuilders who want to…

Also, you can rent a bike and I believe it is the best way to see this neighborhood. The bike ride from Venice to Santa Monica on the bike path can be very colorful because of people from all over the world, bohemians, bodybuilders, wannabe stars, and tourists. Renting bikes coasts about $10 - $15.

If you want to see something else besides the beach, you should definitely visit Venice canals! This is the only detail that reminds you of the real Venice. It is very romantic and quiet tranquil place to walk and enjoy the afternoon, morning or night. This is a breathtaking place that is kind of hidden. Small homes line the canals and bridges connect you from one side to the other. There are a ton of great picture opportunities on the walkways and bridges with amazing architecture in the houses lining the canals. This is an LA gem and well worth the time. Simply wonderful.


The main street in Venice Beach is Venice Boulevard and goes straight to the beach. It is very lively and it is the place for a crazy night out as it is full of restaurants, bars and cafes opened until 1 am. Accommodation at Venice Beach is very expensive and can be a few hundred dollars per night.

The quality of the hostel is not very high so be careful. Coffees are $3-4, alcohol is $10 and meals are between $15 and $25.

Venice Beach is timeless and eclectic and maybe too lively for me but I would be very sorry if I didn’t visit it. Enjoy this place and explore for yourself! The official website is so check it out!